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About Us

ZQW Aviation offers solutions meeting all your requirements. Our focus lays in the aviation industry and the applications cover a variety of fields.

Our team comprises aviation experts with long standing experience gained from working in the airline, business aviation and general aviation segment. These experts have worked in departments such as Operations, Fleet Management, Charter, Sales and many more.

Aircraft Charter with ZQW Aviation Sevice GmbH

Services provided are aircraft charter, aircraft management, consulting as well as aircraft sales.

Our charter offers give you the flexibility required to accommodate your agenda. Serving you as an individual or organization an ideal solution to fly safely and comfortably in a timely manner within your budget.

Upon request we will arrange pilots meeting the highest standards for the required aircraft. Our procured pilots have their main occupation with major airlines and will fly you safely to your destination.

After all, safety is our top priority

With our Aircraft Management, you will enjoy a sophisticated and reliable aircraft or fleet management tailored to your specific needs.

To us Consulting means more than just guidance. Essentially, it is the groundwork for your projects’ success. Therefore, we take it to heart and accompany you in every step.

Aircraft sales become a walk in the park with the support of our experienced sales team. Both purchasing and selling.

Our Partners

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The aircrafts in our fleet are all equipped with air conditioning, adjustable leather seats in conference seating, foldable tables, power outlets, toilets and refreshment centers. Given the satellite phone in our Piaggio, a communication solution is provided at all times.

A pressurized cabin in every of our aircrafts allows it to effortlessly fly over any weather pattern. Standard equipment also comprises a weather radar as well as airfoil de-icing. Even the quality of our cockpit configuration matches the habitual quality of modern airline jets.

Pursuant to European (EASA) and American (FAA) Civil Aviation Authority regulations our fleet is continuously maintained by the trained technicians and examiners of Solution Air in Zweibrücken.

Cessna Golden Eagle C421B
Cessna Golden Eagle C421B
Piaggio Avanti P180
Piaggio Avanti P180
Coming Soon

Our Pilots

Your well-being and safety take priority with us. Hence all our pilots are required to have a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) issued by the European (EASA) or American (FAA) Civil Aviation Authority.

Some of them are avocational examiners or flight instructors. Given the numerous flight hours our pilots have accumulated, they look back at long-lived years of experience.

As per your expectations, all pilots hold a class 1 medical certificate are flight skills tested every 6 months as per regulations. Hereby it is assured they can safely operate the booked aircraft and are proficient on all emergency procedures.

The pilots are selected by us and booked separately to your aircraft charter. Hereby we ensure the booked pilot has the most experience for the booked aircraft charter.

Your safety is our top priority



Travel safely, comfortably and straightforward according to your desires.
On your charter, you decide.

  • Private aircraft charter
  • Commercial aircraft charter
  • Pilot procurement
  • Equipment rental

Aircraft Management

Our aircraft management carries out all occurring duties of your aircraft. Allowing you to remain carefree, confident and relaxed.

  • Operation of all aircraft types
  • Pilot provisioning
  • Procurement of EASA/FAA Maintenance Facilities
  • Procurement of EASA/FAA AOCs
  • Ground Handling for all types of flights at Zweibrücken Airport
  • Aircraft registration support EASA > NON-EASA or NON-EASA > EASA


Counseling in all areas, even beyond aviation. We offer a solution for every problem.

  • Purchase advisory for all aircraft types
  • Establishment of a company in the field of company traffic, Airline Operation Certificate (AOC) and Airplane Training Organization (ATO)
  • Operation of all aircraft types
  • Fleet & Aircraft Management
  • Assessments for Pilots and Managers
  • Initial & Further Pilot Training
  • Type Rating Planning
  • Pilot procurement
  • Halls and hangar procurement in Europe
  • Insurance and FAA Trust procurement
  • Procurement of mechanics, maintenance personnel and examiners
  • Review of existing Aircraft insurance and FAA Trusts

Aircraft Sales

Supporting your purchase and / or sale beyond the fact check. Allowing for only positive surprises.

  • Aircraft sales for all types
  • Aircraft procurement for all types
  • Generation of maintenance reports prior to aircraft purchase
  • Execution of test flights prior to aircraft purchase
  • Inspection of all relevant documentation
  • Consulting in all areas of aircraft sales


Do not hesitate, contact us if you’ve got something on your mind. We are here to serve you.

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